Saturday, June 15, 2013

Sara's ideal holidays

                                       MY IDEAL HOLIDAYS

My ideal holidays are going to be a tour in the  United States.
  • New York
  • Los Angeles                
  • Florida
  • Wasington
  • Miami
  • Texas
  • Chicago
  • San Francisco

In New York I am going to visit the statue of Liberty.


My ideal holiday be going to go to London.I have really wanted to visit this place.In London I am going to go shopping in all the shoppings centres I can.
I'm going to have tea and the jaffa cakes (these are biscuits with cake,chocolate and filled with orange).
I am going to visit the commons (big parks), Neil's park in Covent Gerden.

Ana Raquel

            My ideal holiday plan

  My family and I are going to Tokyo. It is the capital of Japan in the continent of Asia. We're re going to visit the Tokyo Tower. Then we're going to eat Japanese food in the best restaurant of Tokyo.

 In the afternoon my brother and I are going to walk around the city to see it.

After that, we're going to a park to play and see the clouds.

Finally we're going to the hotel to sleep.

Noe's ideal holiday

My ideal holidays are on a island with messi,iniesta,xavi and neymar.
In there I can play football and volleyball ,and I am going swimming in the ocean.
I am going  to the reef  and going fishing there,and then I am going to the mountain of the island and  there I am going to play computer games with a monkey.
These are mi favourite holidays for me.



                              MY IDEAL HOLIDAY   PLAN

Mi ideal holiday plan is in the Dominican Republic.

I am going to "BOCACHICA" is a beach. 
Tomorrow I´m going to have the lunch in a restaurant ,

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Marta's Ideal Holiday




   My family and I are going on holiday in Rome.We are going to visit the Coloseo,Panteon and Fontana Di Trevi.We are going to swim in the pool and take the sun.We are going to eat in the restaurant,I are going to eat pizza and spaghattis.We are going to sleep in the best hotel.We are going to return Ourense.Before returning we going to Francia,Paris.We are going to visit the Tawer Eiffel.Finally we are going to my house.


My ideal holiday

My ideal holiday is my habitual holiday, with my friends, in Playa América, the beach where I go every summer...
My friends are called Mariana, Carmen and Claudia. Mariana is two years older than me, Claudia is one year older than me and Carmen has got my age. Mariana has got one little brother, Carlos, is nine or ten years old, and Jorge, the little brother of Carmen, is eight or nine...
We all go to the beach with our parents every day, and, sometimes we make some trips to places that are nearby, like Monteferro (which is a mountain next to te beach), Vigo or we go by bicycle to Baiona. But we're not always out of the apartment block, because it has got four backyards, and they are very different. We play there a lot every day.
This holidays seem very dinamic, but they are so special for me :)

juan's ideal holiday plan

                                               MY HOLIDAYS
 In my summer holidays I'll go to the beach of La Lanzada.


I'll be at a campground all summer.
After being on the beach to visit Sanxenxo. 
After going for a walk to go to my camping Sanxenxo and I will play with my friends at night.



In my  ideal holiday I am going to paris . In Paris I am going to  see the Eiffel Tower, going shopping, going to DisneyLand Paris with my sister, my dad and my mum.Then I going to a competition swimming.Then I am going with my father to mountains.Finally I go to my uncle and aunt's.


                                                Holiday Plan.

My family,some friends and I are going on holiday in France on 1th August.  First, we're going to Paris.

 We're going to vist effiel tower and we're going to swim in the beach.

 Then,we're going to Londres. We're going to visit a twilight actors,shops and restaurants. Finally, we're going to visit my family in Canarias.