Thursday, May 23, 2013

Nuria e-mail about an event.

Hi Anne.
How are you? Last sunday afternoon I went shopping for clothes with my friends, it was very funny.
First my best friend Mariah bought a lovely pink dress, after that, we went to buy a present for my sister, tomorrow is her birthday. We bought her a denim skirt, a white shirt,and blue beautiful sandals. I hope she likes them. Next we tried a lot of clothes and took many photos.
Finally we went to get an ice-cream ,it was delicious!
How was your weekend?

A day at the beach

Hi, dear friend:

I went walking on the beach with three friends (Ckaudia, Carmen and Mariana). We wore shorts and T-shirts. We were talking about te sea and, afet some seconds, we saw Claudia. She was taking off her clothes, but she had a beautiful bikini on. She was running into the sea! It was a strange moment.
Claudia is a girl with blonde, long, straight hair, brown eyes, tall... She told us the water was fantastic, so we went into it. She was right! We enjoy the beach a lot.
Yes, it was a funny day...