Thursday, April 18, 2013

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I was in New York last summer, with my brother, my mother and my father.
We went by plane and then we rented a car to visit the city. We stayed at famous hotel infont of the Statue of Liberty.The first day we go to Gold Shop a famous shop in New York and we buy a lot of shoes and clothes.
There were lot of people in the street.
It was a pretty city!!!!!!!!!

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At Easter I was in Paris with my class.
We were in the Eiffel Tower,Louvre Museum,Notre Dame...
My friends and I were at the shopping centre,sports centre,cinema and at the night we slepping at the house.
The next day we were at the music shop.

Monday, April 15, 2013

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My Voki:
I was in Tenerife, it is my favourite plaze for holidays and I love it.When I was in Tenerife I went to the Siam Park,it is a good amusement park with a lot of attractions.In Tenerife all days were sunny and hot and it is good to go to the beach ,I remembered I made a sand castle,it was very fun and then my sister and I broke it.Only one day was rain and I went to the shopping centre whith my friends,we went to the cinema and then we ate in a chinese restaurant,it was a funny day.I had really wanted to return Tenerife.

Sara's Voki

At easter I was in New York with my family.We were in a lot of places like the statue off the liberty. I was in a Theatre, in a cinema and in some shopping centres.I buy a muffin in a bakery and I ate with my family in a espectacular restaurant. We were in a beautifull and confortable hotel.

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