Thursday, May 15, 2014


My avatar is a dead.Your name is ACHITA ,el Atila.Is big and a very white and a very stupid.

he is a young boy, he has got a yellow cap, he is wearing a blue shirt,a blue short and big yellow  shoes

Aldara's avatar

The girl of the picture is serious and she has got an ice-cream in  hand.She is wearing a T-shirt purple and violet, her short is light blue and she is wearing white shoes. She has got long her and she is blond. 

Pablo's Avatar

She has got brown hair.Big eyes. Small mouth She is wearing a green top, camuflage trousers. She has got a fantastic sword.

Sabela's avatar

My avatar is wearing a black and blue cap , blue jeans , a black shirt , white  grey trainers and two wristbands . It has a yellow neckwear , too .

Paula's Avatar

This boy has brown hair.
He is wearing a blue cap, a red sweater, blue jeans and black shoes, in his neck he is wearing a necklace and in his hand a cold drink.

iker's pokemon

He wearing black pants,a black sweatshirt,white gloves and red cap.His pet is similar to dog and he take a ultraball

David G.'s Avatar

My avatar has got orange hair. He has got glasses and a mobile phone. It has got blue eyes and a black scarf. He is wearing a blue shirt, light blue shorts and trainers. It is very happy and nice.

adrian's avatar

it has long,black hair

He wear a mediaval t-shir and brown trousers

He has got a shiel with a skul

Eira's avatar

She's wearing a pink sweater and a blue skirt.
She's wearing a purple swimsuit and orange glasses.